Motorcycle Accident And Recovery North Wales

For motorcycle accident recovery North Wales Give us a call and let us take care of your motorcycle/scooter, getting it back up and running will be our priority. No one wants to have to deal with an accident, if you call us from the scene of your accident we can come and pick up your motorcycle/scooter and bring it back to our workshop where we will then perform a detailed assessment.

We will take care of every detail so you don’t have to. Here is a list of what we can do to help you out:

> Bike Recovery And Repair
> Motorcycle/scooter hire
> Replacement Helmet and Clothing
> Injury Compensation
> No Claims Bonus Protection
> Legal Representation
> Loss Of Earnings

Unfortunately it is common these days that motorcycle and scooter recovery services do not consider repairs on many motorcycles/scooters as economically viable. This leads to a large percentage of motorcycles and scooters heading to the scrap heap. So by calling us first we can produce a detailed assessment of your accident damaged motorcycle/scooter, then you can rest assured in the knowledge that we will try our best to get it back on the road Instead of just writing it off straight-away like many other Accident Management Services would.

If an accident is not your fault, you don't have to use your own insurance company, we can put you in touch with an accident management company that can deal with all the issues on your behalf. They can provide a suitable hire vehicle, delivered right where you want it. If your vehicle is deemed a “write-off”, you will receive a cheque for the vehicles “Pre Accident Value”Direct Accident management was formed in 1996 to assist clients who had been involved in road traffic accidents caused by another party.

In that time they have helped literally thousands of clients by taking away the worry and inconvenience that inevitably results from an accident caused by somebody else. They will pursue any injury claims, loss of earnings, protect your no claims, provide legal representation along with providing car/vehicle hire.

This makes them great people to call when you have an accident, They make sure there is no hassle to you and you can rest assured that your car/vehicle is in the best hands possible and you receive 100% compensation.

The storage and repair of your damaged vehicle is an integral parts of our service. Our staff will liaise directly with you, the customer, to ensure these arrangements are made to your convenience.

Motorcycle Accident Recovery North Wales