Flintshire Motorcycles Prices

Chain Adjustment: from £5
Correct chain adjustment and maintenance is essential for a safe and long-lived road ride, preventing the chain from snapping or even slipping off the rear sprocket. Regular maintenance can also significantly increase the life expectancy of your chain and sprockets. From as little as £5.00 and taking only a few minutes, it's worth popping in now and again to avoid heartache.

Puncture Repairs: from £14.95
Daily checks on your tyres before setting off on a ride can greatly reduce the chances of 'blow-outs' whilst riding.Should you come across a nail or any other metallic object embedded in your tyre, it's probably sensible to ride carefully to your nearest workshop for repairs. Most modern vehicles run on tubeless tyres, which can usually be'plugged' in a matter of minutes for as little as £14.95 for a loose wheel.

Wheel Balancing: Free with any tyre fitting.
A standard check which we undertake whenever a new tyre is fitted, wheel balancing involves the fitting of small adhesive weights to the rim of your wheels in order to counter-balance the valve load. Occasionally, after hitting a kerb or pot-hole, these weights can be knocked loose, resulting in a speed wobble. Should you experience a vibration from the wheels when travelling at speed, it's probably worth bringing your bike to us for a quick once-over.

Oil & Filter Change: from only £34.95
Regular oil and filter changes can increase the life expectancy of your engine. It is advisable to consult your owners manual as to the frequency with which this should be done. We offer a complete oil and filter change from as little as £50, but this shouldn't prove necessary if you bring your vehicle in for servicing at scheduled intervals as we will do this as part of that service.

Motorcycle M.O.T:
As a legal requirement, the annual MOT is a series of safety checks on your vehicle. Covering simple things such as the legal tread depth, correctly functioning and aimed lights through to safely operating braking systems and wheel bearings. This check is also worth doing if you are considering selling your vehicle as it effectively increases the market value by considerably more than the £29.65 that it costs!

Vehicle Inspection: from Free
Whether it's for an insurance valuation following an accident, or you're taking a bike for a test ride prior to buying it. Drop by and we'll appraise it for you from tyres, through engine to a road ride, even providing a written report should you request it for a small fee.

Fault Diagnosis: from Free
Any problem, any time, just drop in and we'll take a look. We'll be able to give you advice on what the problem is and how to fix it. For a simple task we'll even carry it out while you wait.

Collection/Delivery Service: from £60
Should your motorcycle break down unexpectedly, or you are unfortunate enough to have an accident and need your vehicle recovered, simply give us a ring with the details.

Insurance Repairs and Quotes: from Free
As an approved repair agent, we can get you back on the road as painlessly as possible following an accident. We can collect your motorcycle from the scene and undertake all the necessary repairs, or simply provide you with an itemized quote.

Engine Rebuilds: POA
Dropped a valve? Forgotten to fill up with oil? Maybe you ride a highly tuned two-stroke machine. Whatever the reason, should you need a rebuild, you'll find us highly competitive on price.

Alarm Fitting and Certification: POA
Insurance is an expensive game. So is having your bike stolen. By fitting an approved alarm it's possible to reduce both your premium and the chances of losing your bike. Ask us for a quote.

Restrictor Kits and Certification: from £120
If you are under 24 and therefore unable to take the DAS test, but want to ride the latest Suzuki GSXR, we can help. By fitting a 33bhp restrictor kit anything is possible. One certificate and you are legal.

De-restriction: from £67
Passed your test but can't afford a new bike? Get yours de-restricted and marvel at the extra horsepower we can unlock. The same is possible for many smaller 'learner legal' machines including many mopeds, although of course once de-restricted it immediately stops being 'learner legal'... If you are not sure, just ask.