Media Blasting North Wales

Lots of times we come across motorcycle parts that have been, shall we say neglected, parts that are badly corroded. To clean these parts you need more than a tooth brush and some solvent, you need to really blast those parts clean.

Here at Flintshire Motorcycles we have the very latest media blasting system installed on site. A Blaster takes the micro fine media and blows it through a gun shaped nozzle and onto the part you want cleaned. This gun uses the venturi principle and compressed air to suck the blast media through a tube up into the gun and out the nozzle.

A trigger on the gun controls the blast of air. Blasting tends to get into every crevice and hole and allows us to clean your parts back to their original unpainted/un-corroded condition ready for fresh paint, powder coating or polishing. By blasting the metal work we remove all rust, limescale and scabs by getting into every crevice and hole which takes the finish back to the bare material ready for fresh paint, powder coating or polishing giving a new lease of life to your parts. Prices start from as little as £10 saving you hours of rubbing and blisters.