Motorcycle Servicing North Wales

At Flintshire Motorcycles, you get more than you would think from a motorcycle service. Even our short service is more comprehensive than some other dealer’s full service Just check the facts below and compare our prices with others and what you actually get for your money, Short Service: Usually 1 hour labour plus parts. The short service consist of a change of oil and filter plus chain adjustment & lubrication as well as a thorough inspection of virtually all the items covered in a full service – almost everything can be checked without actually dismantling your motorcycle.

Full Service:Usually 2 – 3 hours labour plus parts, An oil change, New oil filter, New air filter, New NGK spark plugs, Replace coolant Chassis & Brakes: Brake calipers removed & cleaned, Brake pistons degreased, Hydraulic Fluid System flushed, All levers & pivots cleaned and lubricated, Throttle & clutch adjustment, General lubrication and inspection, Tyre pressures checked and adjusted, Chain adjustment and lubrication, All lights checked .

Major Service:Usually 5 hours labour plus parts On all major servicing, it is necessary to check and adjust the valve clearances* on your motorcycle so we need to have your motorcycle overnight as this must be carried out on a cold engine the following morning. Sometimes it is necessary to completely remove the carburetors in order to adjust the valve clearances correctly, should this prove necessary, we remove the float bowls, clean all jets and balance the carburetors to ensure perfect running.

Certain items like fork oil viscosity, steering head bearings and rear arm bearings may need to be inspected as well, this is in addition to everthing you can expect from the full service. Should your valve clearances need adjusting, we replace all sealer washers and gaskets with new components.

Road Test:All motorcycles will be road-tested by a qualified technician to ensure all work has been carried out satisfactorily.

We offer a range of services to help you get the most out of your machine. We cater for all makes and models from 50cc scooters through to the high powered sports bikes or cruisers. All service work and repairs are completed to the highest standard in our professional, fully equipped workshops by fully trained and experienced technicians/motorcycle mechanics.

Our dedicated motorcycle mechanics and staff are here to give you advice and assistance with anything from tyres and oil changes to full engine rebuilds. Motorcycling is our passion and we are here to help. We are able to offer customers a full print out of their bikes history with us as well as receipted service history stamping to authenticate your motorcycle service history.

BIKE COLLECTION AND DELIVERY SERVICE IS ALSO AVAILABLE.If you wish to wait while your machine is being fixed or serviced, why not enjoy our customer waiting area which boasts a flat screen TV, sofas, motorcycle magazines and coffee machine to warm you up during our great British summer. For more information give us a call or email us at